School Gardens

School Gardens are a great way to learn and to connect school and community

Here’s how to get started:

  • Gather a group. Invite motivated and dedicated students, parents, school staff, Master Gardeners and other community members to participate.
  • Make a plan. Determine what is needed – people, tools, funds, seeds etc. EstaSchool Gardenblish goals for the garden and how to secure resources.
  • Determine a site. Seek a flat, well drained and sunny (at least six hours a day) area. Will the garden/s will be in the ground or in raised beds? Is there access to water?
  • Plant. Develop a schedule for what will be planted, who will maintain the garden, and how the harvest will be used.
  • Learn and celebrate the garden. Develop activities to have fun and learn from the garden. Celebrate the harvest and the accomplishments of all involved.
  • Evaluate. Learn from challenges and successes and begin plans for next years gardening.

Online resources: